Psychic Predictions 2012: Social Unrest And Flood Prediction


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Why would we entertain the concept of an everlasting life and then inform everyone, “Well, you only reside once?” That’s a little bit contradictory, no? Believe it if you want, but believing doesn’t make it so. I find no solace in believing in some fairytale land with streets of gold and unlimited everything, including everlasting happiness. A place that early civilizations believed existed above the clouds, in the distinct blue sky, but was never found as we acquired the ability to see beyond our environment. What then? It just grew to become a magical place, invisible to us. Just transfer the objective post if someone manages to run a ball close to it.

America’s Most Needed (Fox, 9pm) – NEW! A report on violent criminal offense in Chicago, and what Chicagoans are performing to stem it, including the Windy Metropolis’s unique network of surveillance cameras. Also: Host John Walsh fulfills with associates of the anti-crime business Purpose Over Pain, which was started by family members associates of kids who had been shot to death.

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To this end, I have actually been viewing a man from Northern Ireland by the name of Andrew Fox – in part because I’m from Ireland, too – but mainly due to the fact that I understand that he isn’t successful by accident. That’s impossible in this industry. And, successful he is. I likewise know that he began out knowing nothing, however possessed that determination necessary to success.

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Other spiritual intuitive’s believe that there are many people we are here to meet, adore and experience intimacy with, and that is all part of the soul’s plan and objective to develop psychic affiliate , evolve and satisfy it’s ultimate purpose.

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